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Under the Radar Literature Classics

We’ve all probably read at least a few of the titles adorning your average list of the world’s most unforgettable novels. Twain, Hemingway, Joyce, Orwell, and every other commonplace literary name; all of them certainly penned great works, stories which forced us to re-think our surroundings and even dispute the truths and values which our […]

Books to Read Before they Become Movies

There’s something about the cinema that seems to bring stories to life: Characters and images jump out at you and narratives unfold right before your very eyes in an almost magical way. When it comes to movies that are based on books, however, for some people the magic changes; basing a movie off of a […]

Benefits of Reading

Speak to a middle or high school aged child and ask what they enjoy doing in their free time. What you’ll likely hear is a mishmash of technology-driven hobbies: playing smartphone games, playing video games, texting, watching TV or browsing the internet. It seems like, for younger generations, the classic leisure time activity  of sitting […]

The Art of Judo

  Competitions of Art We have art galleries around the world, the purpose of which are to allow us to appreciate the time and effort so many talented people have put into perfecting their latest creation. There are dance competitions held every day, as competing individuals (or couples) square off against one another, putting on […]

Four Musicians Who Died Before Their Time

While browsing through our music libraries or strolling through an art gallery, we sometimes are inclined to learn more about the artists at hand. Often, you’ll hear stories about certain painters or musicians who only became famous posthumously–those who enjoyed more success after their passing than they did before it. Names like Van Gogh and […]

Civil Rights Heroes of Past Live on Today

  Though the idea that all men and women are equal is almost universally accepted today, stigmas, racism and sexism continues to run rampant in society. While many people tend to see their fellow humans as equals, the fight for justice for many still lives on today. Women across the world continue to fight for […]

Three of Muhammad Ali’s Best Fights

  “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Muhammad Ali, then still going by Cassius Clay uttered this phrase first in an interview when he was still breaking into the boxing scene. It later became the mantra of the greatest boxer of all time, as he toyed with George Foreman by later tacking on […]


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