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Four Musicians Who Died Before Their Time

While browsing through our music libraries or strolling through an art gallery, we sometimes are inclined to learn more about the artists at hand. Often, you’ll hear stories about certain painters or musicians who only became famous posthumously–those who enjoyed more success after their passing than they did before it. Names like Van Gogh and […]

What Made Elvis Presley So Popular?

When the Beatles exploded onto the music scene in the 1960s, they brought with them the phenomenon of Beatlemania. Everywhere they went, flocks and crowds of people were right behind them, screaming, shouting, fainting and working themselves into a fluster over the group of four rock stars from Britain. But they weren’t the first group […]

Three of the Best & Most Influential Jazz Musicians

    In a previous post on my other website, I walked through the history of jazz music, from its origins in New Orleans ragtime and blues music to Louis Armstrong’s solo trumpet performances. While musicians like Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton were incredibly influential to the formation of jazz, others have stepped into the spotlight […]

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