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Under the Radar Literature Classics

We’ve all probably read at least a few of the titles adorning your average list of the world’s most unforgettable novels. Twain, Hemingway, Joyce, Orwell, and every other commonplace literary name; all of them certainly penned great works, stories which forced us to re-think our surroundings and even dispute the truths and values which our […]

Books to Read Before they Become Movies

There’s something about the cinema that seems to bring stories to life: Characters and images jump out at you and narratives unfold right before your very eyes in an almost magical way. When it comes to movies that are based on books, however, for some people the magic changes; basing a movie off of a […]

Benefits of Reading

Speak to a middle or high school aged child and ask what they enjoy doing in their free time. What you’ll likely hear is a mishmash of technology-driven hobbies: playing smartphone games, playing video games, texting, watching TV or browsing the internet. It seems like, for younger generations, the classic leisure time activity  of sitting […]

Three Under Rated Kurt Vonnegut Works

I’ve spoken about Kurt Vonnegut in the past, noting him to be someone with extremely dry wit and a dark, morose sense of humor that perfectly creeps its way into his novels. The humor–a part of Vonnegut’s legacy that has helped cement him as one of America’s best writers–is peppered in fluidly and smoothly, funny […]

3 Orwellian Authors You Should Know About

George Orwell is hands-down one of the most brilliant writers in England’s rich history of literature. Known mostly for his dystopian novels “1984” and “Animal Farm”, Orwell’s witty writing style, intelligence, and penchant for social justice and in-depth analysis of life make his works incredibly interesting reads. His writing was so influential that it spawned […]

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